Chairman Du Xudong of China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association and his party visited IPE for technical exchange.

IPE groupPosted:2023.04.13


A few days ago, Du Xudong, Chairman of China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association, Zhao Manlin, Secretary General, and Wan Lei, Director of Exhibition visited Guangzhou Hui Tong Precision Hydraulic Co., Ltd. of IPE Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as IPE Group) for technical exchange. Wu Kaiping, executive general manager of the group, Chen Yize, chief technology officer of the group, and Li Yong, head of Huitong Hydraulic Research Institute, accompanied him.

Chairman Du Xudong and his party visited the exhibition hall, Huitong Hydraulic Research Institute, trial production workshop, hydraulic laboratory, enterprise production workshop, etc., and got a deep understanding of the production and operation of IPE Group and Guangzhou Huitong Hydraulic.


Wu Kaiping, executive general manager of the Group, introduced in detail the development planning, strategic positioning, business scope and business focus of Huitong Hydraulic, as well as the research direction and technical achievements of Huitong Research Institute. Huitong Hydraulic Research Institute has become a new "engine" for the development of IPE Group. It has established close school-enterprise cooperation relations with well-known domestic universities such as Zhejiang University and Yanshan University, and carried out research and development of high-end hydraulic products, which is overcoming and filling many domestic technical gaps. In order to speed up the research and development of new hydraulic products and improve the quality of research and development, IPE Group has equipped high-end professional equipment for the hydraulic research and development department, introduced advanced technical personnel, and comprehensively promoted the rapid operation of the whole process from research and development to mass production.

At the exchange meeting, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on key technologies such as hydraulic cartridge valves and electromagnets, discussed the research and development details of solenoid valves in detail, and fully analyzed the economic development situation in the hydraulic field and the pain points of existing industries. Chairman Du Xudong recognized the leading position and achievements of IPE Group in ultra-high precision machining industry, affirmed the strategic layout of the enterprise in the field of precision hydraulic pressure and the current research and development direction of hydraulic cartridge valves, and provided valuable suggestions and cooperation expectations.


In the hydraulic field, IPE Group has cooperated with the world's top hydraulic manufacturers such as Eaton, Parker, Bosch and Danfoss for many years, and has accumulated rich experience in product production. With first-class quality and reliability, IPE Group has won many awards such as excellent supplier award and excellent quality award. IPE Group also actively deployed strategic transformation and successfully became the supplier of leading domestic enterprises such as Hengli Hydraulic, Longgong Holdings and Zoomlion. In the future, it can provide the production, research and development and manufacturing of ultra-high precision parts with excellent performance indicators and large-scale production capacity, and become a first-class domestic import substitution enterprise for high-end hydraulic cartridge valves.