Bao Daozhao, member of the Standing Committee of Zengcheng District Committee, led a team to the International Precision Guangzhou Base to guide the work of safety in production.

IPE groupPosted:2021.12.31

On December 31, 2021, Bao Daozhao, member of the Standing Committee of Zengcheng District Party Committee, led comrades in charge of the District Planning and Natural Resources Branch, the District Meteorological Bureau, the District Market Supervision Bureau and the District Emergency Management Bureau to visit our company to carry out safety inspection. Mr. Wu Kaiping, Executive General Manager of IPE Group Limited, Mr. Liu Zhaocong, Chief Operating Officer and other leaders attended the inspection.

Mr. Wu Kaiping led Bao Daozhao and his party to visit the production line of hydraulic components, and went deep into the production workshop to have a deep understanding of the production status of our company. At the same time, he gave an in-depth explanation of advanced production equipment, production management and workshop production layout.

Subsequently, Bao Daozhao and other leaders made the following summary of the inspection results:


Guangzhou Xinhao firmly grasped the work of safety in production, taking production safety as the bottom line, and achieved good results. First, enterprises need to continue to implement safety production, with the focus of government attention as the focus of enterprise management and production; Second, enterprises should do a good job in safety investigation in real time, put an end to black spots in safety production, and avoid causing production accidents or major economic losses for enterprises; Third, enterprises should enhance safety awareness and safety concept; Fourth, according to the company's characteristics, form the company's safety management system and operating rules, start from small things and refine safety management.

Wu Kaiping listened carefully to the opinions of leaders at all levels and said:


Guangzhou Xinhao has been doing a good job in safety according to the requirements of government departments at all levels, doing a good job in the "three rows" of the first line, finding and eliminating hidden dangers in time, and ensuring the life and property safety of all employees of the company. Actively do a good job in various safety production work, and regularly carry out safety production education to provide a safe production environment for enterprises and employees.