Guangzhou Xinhao won the "Excellent Supplier Quality" Award of General Motors 2021.


Recently, Guang Zhou Xinhao Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of IPE Group Limited, won the "Supplier Quality Excellence" award from General Motors and won many awards from General Motors.

General Motors is a world-renowned developer and manufacturer. In 1971, General Motors took the lead in developing engines that can use low-lead or unleaded gasoline. Three years later, with the catalytic exhaust purification system, the most important step was taken in reducing emissions. This technology is shared by General Motors and is still widely used in the whole automotives industry. The key parts of fuel nozzle provided by our company are applied to Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC and other best-selling global series models under General Motors Automotives.

General Motors has more than 10 years of cooperation experience with IPE, and has always highly affirmed the punctual delivery rate, strict quality control system and service standards of IPE team. As a key part of General Motors's supply chain, IPE always attaches great importance to customer needs, communicates closely, establishes and improves a stable and reliable quality control system, finds problems in time and provides efficient solutions.

IPE attaches great importance to the long-term good cooperative relationship with General Motors. Do not forget your initiative mind, a native of IPE, adheres to the concept of "being determined to be precise and creating the future intelligently", and is committed to becoming a global benchmark enterprise by relying on ultra-high precision hardware equipment, high-tech talent team, manufacturing technology and reliable quality control system to protect the products needed by customers, meet their higher technical requirements, and provide customers with better product services and processing solutions.