Opening ceremony of IPE Huitong Precision Science and Technology Research Institute and seminar on IPE-Zhejiang University- Yanshan University Engineering Machinery and Hydraulic Technology

IPE groupPosted:2023.02.16

On February 15th, IPE Group Limited (IPE) held the unveiling ceremony of Huitong Precision Science and Technology Research Institute in Guangzhou base, and IPE- Zhejiang University- Yanshan University Construction Machinery and Hydraulic Technology Seminar.


Lu Ling, Deputy Director of Zengcheng Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, Zhuang Zhihui, Party Secretary of Xiancun Town, Professor Xu Bing from Zhejiang University, Professor Kong Xiangdong from Yanshan University, Zeng Guangsheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IPE Group Limited, Wu Kaiping, Executive General Manager of IPE Group Limited, Liu Zhaocong, Chief Operating Officer of IPE Group Limited, and Zhang Shilin, Deputy General Manager of IPE Group Limited, attended the event.

At the unveiling ceremony, Deputy Director Lu Ling expressed the government's support for IPE to increase investment in key hydraulic fields and set up high-end technology research centers. Professor Xu Bing is interested in the development of IPE Group and has established a good cooperative relationship with IPE. In the future, he will jointly overcome difficulties in the hydraulic field and create good results. Chairman Zeng Guangsheng expressed his heartfelt thanks to the government and universities for their great support to IPE, and he also looked forward to the vigorous development of IPE in the future.


Huitong Research Institute, as a platform forexchanges and cooperation between IPE Group and Zhejiang University, Yanshan University and other universities, will work hard to explore the future with universities and better serve social and economic development.


At the seminar on construction machinery and hydraulic technology, Chairman Zeng Guangsheng summarized IPEthe development of IPE hydraulic business, looked forward to the future development direction, and hoped that the participating cadres could take this seminar to broaden their horizons, communicate in depth and learn with an open mind; Considering the domestic hydraulic environment, we should think about the future work goals, firmly establish the idea of lean production, and strive to achieve the goal of import substitution and independent control.


Professor Xu Bing from Zhejiang University, Mr. Su Qi and Mr. Wang Feng shared the topics of hydraulic transmission development, development of electro-hydraulic proportional valve and efficient hydraulic drive and transmission of construction machinery. Teacher Yang Liu of Yanshan University shared the technical topic of digital intelligent hydraulic virtual simulation of construction machinery.IPEIPE engineers introduced the research, development and exploration of products, exchanged industry hotspots through seminars, and discussed the application and development of key technologies.


Take dreams as a horse, live up to your youth, laugh and throw in the fleeting time, and the future can be expected. IPEIPE will continue to deepen its close cooperation with universities, constantly dig deep into the potential, uphold the concept of customer first, wholeheartedly meet the diversified needs of customers with better products and more intimate services, and shoulder social responsibilities.