Shi Chunfeng, a researcher of Guangzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, led a team to international precision investigation and investigation.

IPE groupPosted:2022.06.01

On May 30th, 2022, Shi Chunfeng, researcher of Guangzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, led the leaders of Operation Monitoring Office and Zengcheng Bureau of Science, Industry and Commerce to visit our company to carry out research work. Zeng Guangsheng, Chairman and CEO of IPE Group Limited, and Liu Zhaocong, Chief Operating Officer, and other leaders attended the research meeting.

1. At the meeting, Chairman Zeng gave a detailed introduction on the current operation of the enterprise: Our five core competitive advantages, world-class automatic manufacturing technology and equipment, world-class processing technology, world-class precision detection equipment and measurement technology, international advanced heat treatment production line and solutions, rich experience in material selection and unique solutions, are intelligent manufacturing enterprises with real one-stop technical solutions for the top 500 customers in the world. At the same time, our company is committed to independent product research and development, striving to achieve import substitution, and hopes to become a leading enterprise in the hydraulic industry and automotives industry in the future; Realizing the goal of import substitution is not only the future development strategy of IPE, but also the national development strategy.

2. Finally, Shi Chunfeng and other leaders summarized the investigation work: First, it affirms the high-precision manufacturing technology of IPE Group Limited, and believes that the scientific and technological level of enterprises has certain advantages in the fields of automotives and hydraulic industry. Second, as one of the 300 key enterprises in Guangzhou, the government departments attach great importance to the business development of enterprises, provide regular on-site service policies for enterprises, and solve enterprise problems; Third, government departments will give solutions according to the current development problems and needs of enterprises, and at the same time, cross-departmental exchanges will solve problems for enterprises.

3. Chairman Zeng listened to the opinions of leaders at all levels and said: IPE Group Limited will take independent research and development and import substitution as its strategic goal; At the same time, with the help and support of the state, we will implement the national development strategy, solve the problem of "stuck neck", build high-end products, fill the domestic gap and set the industry benchmark.