International Precision & Towngas Energy jointly build a "zero-carbon factory" and promote the construction of green enterprises

IPE groupPosted:2022.08.19


In order to actively respond to the national dual-carbon strategic goal and promote the construction of green enterprises, on August 18th, IPE Group Limited and Towngas Energy Investment Limited jointly held the commissioning ceremony of "Zero Carbon Factory" in Guangzhou base.

Leaders from Zengcheng Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau, Xiancun Town, Zeng Guangsheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IPE Group Limited, Liu Zhaocong, Chief Operating Officer, Zhang Jinbai, Senior Vice President of Towngas Energy Investment Limited, and Li Yicai, General Manager of Shenzhen Ganghua Comprehensive Energy Co., Ltd. attended the commissioning ceremony.

1. At the commissioning ceremony, Mr. Liu Zhaocong pointed out that the project was scientifically designed and tested by external factors such as epidemic situation in the implementation process, and finally the construction was completed to a high standard and put into operation as scheduled. According to the data of trial operation, the energy-saving effect of the project is remarkable, and the energy system runs stably, which meets the demand of front-line production and employees' life. After the commissioning ceremony, Mr. Liu led the guests to visit the exhibition hall and research institute of the company and introduced the development status of the company.

2. At the commissioning ceremony, Chairman Zeng emphasized that International Precision would focus its resources on the core business of high-precision hydraulic system, such as valve core, valve body and assembly, automotives core system parts, and set up an internal R&D center, and successively established joint training bases with Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, Zhejiang University and Yanshan University. In 2021, Guangzhou Xinhao was recognized as the Guangdong Precision Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center. In order to actively respond to the national strategic objectives, promote the construction of green enterprises, learn from the experience of international advanced enterprises, and discuss with Hong Kong and China the coordinated development of energy, environment and economy.

3. In order to expand the achievements of energy saving and consumption reduction in the first phase of the project, International Precision and Ganghua Energy will start with the construction of the first phase of the project, complete the signing ceremony of the second phase of photovoltaic, rapidly promote the implementation of the second phase of photovoltaic, water cold storage and energy storage projects, and discuss new topics such as green electricity trading and carbon asset management, so as to make Xinhao Precision New Energy System Project a benchmark project for Guangzhou and even the whole province to implement the dual-carbon goal.

It coincides with the new situation of sustainable development concept, practices the concept of green development, and takes appropriate advanced measures to complete the construction of "zero carbon factory", which is in line with the national strategy of "peak carbon dioxide emissions, carbon neutral". In the future, the two sides will continue intensive cultivation, and continue to dig deep into the space of energy saving and carbon reduction through the second phase of photovoltaic construction, integration of photovoltaic and charging piles, battery energy storage, water cold storage, virtual power plants, green electricity trading and carbon services, so as to achieve the goal of "zero carbon factory" construction at an early date.